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4Sky Daily Vehicle Hire Module :: 2

For multi-user installations of 4 Sky, a Diary Management facility allows Daily Hire bookings to be allocated to users. This allows the user to simply check their list of jobs for the day and immediately access the booking data that relates to them. This can be especially useful when teams of Daily Hire specialists are accessing the 4 Sky system.

The Booking Wizard facility is another way for the user to save time by only entering the relevant booking information from a customer or driver before organising the actual hire of the vehicle.

Customer private hire and hire for customers with managed fleets of vehicles are both possible with the 4 Sky system database allowing for simple searching of previous customers and implementation of new ones. Access to previous address information for existing drivers is also stored in the database. This ensures the user is not endlessly asking for and typing delivery and collection addresses.

Automated pricing also ensures consistency so that all out-of-hours, home, business and airport charges are correctly apportioned when creating or amending bookings.

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